Ketteler Medical-Clinic I – A welcome to the City and the Clinic

Ketteler-Medical-Centre is located in the midst of Germany close to Europe´s biggest continental airport in the heart of the multi-cultural city of Offenbach – neighbouring the commercial centre of the city of Frankfurt. In this prospering region many hospitals and clinics offer medical care at the highest standard. The city of Offenbach is separated from Frankfurt only by the river Main. And the twin cities are not not only a region of business people, rather, they are a centre of science and medical services as well. As the two cities grow together more closely it has become a common saying amongst travellers that Offenbach and Frankfurt are the ´commercial-medical-twins´ of Germany.

In this metropolitan area people from around the globe are gathered in a community as lively as nowhere else in the world. Business, scientific and cultural interests bring them together. You may meet the banking officer from Dubai as well as the science editor from Tokyo or the CEO from an international based company. And all are welcomed by the open minded local community of one of the most busiest areas in Germany and Europe.

That is the place where Ketteler-Medical-Centre Offenbach offers its services – a distinguished institution amongst the hospitals of the region.

Enjoy the hospitality of a multicultural region and have your medical check-up. Do your business in the “commercial-medical-twins” in the very heart of Europe and Germany while you or your family members receive medical care at highest level in the KMCO. And not to forget, take a break in your busy life and come and see the natural landscapes nearby and try the exquisiteness of the local and international cuisine.

Stephan Sahm, MD, PhD Medical Director of Medical Clinic I Ketteler-Medical-Centre-Offenbach

Academic and University Affiliations

Ketteler-Medical-Centre is a teaching hospital of Hannover Medical School as well as Frankfurt Medical School. The institutions and departments of the Centre are engaged in multicentered studies such as cancer treatment.

Students are offered education at several levels. Ketteler-Medical-Centre is one of the most distinguished training centres for physicians applying for board certifications. Patients suited are offered to be treated and cared for in multidisciplinary studies. This fact has been shown to improve quality of care.


For accompagnying persons and patients that do not have to stay in the hospital as well as persons having a medical check-up we can arrange accommodation of different hotel categories (starting with prices of 35 Euros a day up to 270 Euros in first class hotels). They can also stay in the hospital for reasonable prices (50 Euros).


Send your inquires and questions to:

Stephan Sahm, MD, PhD

Medical Director Medical Clinic I

Ketteler-Hospital Offenbach

Lichtenplattenweg 85

63071 Offenbach


Phone: +49 (69) 8505-271

Fax: +49 (69) 8505-273



General Services

In the hospital you will find a staff that may translate from Arab, Thai and English.

A circumstantial letter in English will be prepared for all persons and patients containing all relevant information about the course and findings during the stay in the hospital.

How to pay

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx) and traveller cheques are accepted. The prices are calculated according to the German governmental list of prices for medical services. An additional factor is introduced taking into account the time and expenditure for the care for patients from abroad.

If patients receive an in-hospital treatment the costs will consist of the official amount for the diagnosis related group (DRG) and the specific medical services as is given by the German govwernmental list (as mentioned before).

A preliminary calculation of the costs for medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures will be given on request. Please keep in mind, in case of severe illness it may be difficult to calculate the expenditures in advance.

How to get there

Frankfurt Airport is the biggest and most busiest airport in Europe. There are daily flights coming in from all capitals in the world. It is the airport most easily to reach. The hospital is easily reachable as well because of it’s central location. It is only 10 kilometers far from the center of Frankfurt and 15 kilometers from Frankfurt Airport. There is an easy connection by City trains or taxi within 20 minutes only.

Ketteler Medical Clinic I - the philosophy

Quality of life is closely related to the conditions of health. More and more people on this globe recognise that preserving and restoring health can only be achieved by combining highest technical skills with compassionate care. Moreover, interdisciplinary medical teams are needed to offer high quality medical services, be it a medical check up or a high tech surgical procedure. And whatever conditions are to be treated it goes without saying that in the centre of all medical endeavours there is the respect for the person seeking help, medical care and advise.

Along with the general medical services for local patients Ketteler-Medical Clinic I together with the affiliated departments if the centre offers the follwong services:

There is the Medical Check-up Program (MCP), the well known Ketteler-Comprehensive-Cancer-Centre (KCCC) which consist of three units: the Medical Oncology Unit, the Gastrointestinal Cancer Unit specialised in the treatment of cancer of the liver, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and bowel, and the Breast Cancer Unit where women suffering from gynecological tumours are treated. All diagnostic procedures necessary are offered as well as oncological surgery and treatments such as chemotherapy.

Furthermore there is the Ketteler-GI-Clinic (KGIC), where patients with diseases of the stomach, liver, pancreas, biliary system, the bowel and diabetes are seen.

Ketteler-Hospital´s staff has had the opportunity to gain intensive experiences in treating patients from all over the globe as the city itself is hosting people from more than 43 nations. More and more patients, especially from the Gulf, come to Offenbach for medical check-up and medical treatment as well. This holds true primarily for patients suffering from cancer, diseases of the liver, biliary duct-system and diabetes.

Ketteler Comprehensive Cancer-Centre

Medical Oncology services - diagnosis of cancer: amongs others high resolution sonography, endoscopic examniations (gastroscopy, endoscopy of biliary duct system, endoscopic sonography, colonoscopy, endoscopopic interventions), bone marrow aspiration, sonography guided biopsies, x-ray (including CT scans), histopathological examinations.

General screening and cancer prevention

  • dietary consultation
  • hereditary cancer screening
  • endoscopic screening

Medical treatment:

  • chemotherapy
  • sonography guided treatment of local metastases such as liver cancer
  • nutritional support
  • comprehensive palliative care including pain management

Surgical services

  • Esophagus, stomach, bowel, pancreas, gall bladder, liver
  • breast, gynecological tumours

Ketteler GI Clinic

Diagnosis of diseases of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, biliary duct system, small and big bowel

  • endoscopic diagnostic procedures: gastroscopy, colonoscopy, colour-endoscopy, biliary ductendoscopy, endoscopic sonography
  • sonographic guided biopsies
  • interventional endoscopy (polyps, biliary duct stones, drainage of tumour obstruction)
  • treatment of esophageal varices, insertion of nutritional probes
  • treatment of chronic liver diseases such as hepatitis B and C and liver cirrhosis

Metabolic diseases, Diabetes and Nutrition

  • dietary consultation
  • insulin treatment
  • enteral and parenteral nutrition

Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases of the liver, intestinal tract,biliary diseases a.s.f

Medical Check-up Program and Internal Medicine

Preventing disease is better than treating them. Regular medical-check up can protect from acquiring illnesses such as cancer of heart attack. Medical check-up once a year can save your live – and money.

The comprehensive medical check-up program of KMCO includes:

  • circumstantial examination and consultation by your personal doctor
  • electrocardiogram and stress exercise test
  • laboratory check including blood count, liver check, metabolic risk profiling (cholesterol and lipids, glucose testing with and without exposition, thyroid gland etc.)
  • abominal sonography
  • sonography of the heart (echocardiography)
  • vascular risk assessment by arterial sonography (duplex-sonography)
  • endoscopic cancer prevention in the lower intestinal tract (colonoscopy)
  • urological examination (with affiliated physicians)
  • gynecological examination

The program will be completed within 8 – 24 hours (if preparation is needed for endoscopic procedures 24h are calculated). At the end of the program your personal doctor will explain all the results in a circumstantial consultation. A letter in English will be send containing all the results.